Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My mom used to make this sweet at home since our childhood. She used to get thick milk to make it as a snack by the time we come back from school. After getting married i started making it on thursdays to offer it to Sri Sai Baba.When i prepared it for the first time, my hubby wondered by tasting it. He said ' I thought you just started learning to prepare dal and rice, how did u do it'. You should have seen the look on his face...:)

Sometimes my mom used to give 2 or 3 biscuits for me and my brother to eat, my brother used to eat all his biscuits fastly and will start asking for a share of mine. Me being a slow eater, used to hide my chocolates in the fridge. After 2 or 3 hrs, when i go to take out my chocolates they will be vanished, then starts an other fight. Not only biscuits, we used to get an equal share of diwali crackers too. Even with them the same continues...


Milk 5 cups(Whole milk)
Sugar 1 cup


Add milk to a heavy bottomed pan and bring it to boil on a medium flame. In 1 hr, milk reduces by quantity and thickens. It also changes its colour to creamy. Add sugar and keep stiring. In an other 30 mins,consistency becomes even thicker and sticky. You can see a thick layer of milk on the sides of the pan. At this point switch off the stove. When it cools down, shape as desired.

I didnt get to take more pictures in the process of cooking, will try to do it next time.


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Thanks Siri


Siri said...

Hi padma....thanx for visiting my blog. Happy to know that u r from Anantapur too...:) I vl give u a call in a couple of days...