My name is Sirisha. I started cooking only after i got married and came to USA. Until then I was not really intrested in cooking. Living far away from home, I used to crave for Indian dishes. Slowly I started cooking. Being a very picky eater since my childhood, I found it difficult to eat my own dishes...lol. Then I took cooking classes on phone from my mom, adapted some recipes from the internet and friends. Within a few days I improved my culinary skills and started getting compliments. Now I can proudly say that I can cook something tasty.

You can find some of my craft projects on this blog. I inherited this part of me from my mom and my grandmom. In my college days, I did some glass paintings, fabric painting and pot paintings. I am also intrested in crocheting and knitting. My heart goes pitter patter for any kind of arts or crafts.

I love reading. And my all time favourite author is Sidney Sheldon. Even though I enjoy all his work, I particularly love his 'Master of the game', 'Rage of Angels' and "Tell me your dreams'.
I like his potrayal of strong woman charecters.

I am happily married to my wonderful husband. We recently welcomed our baby girl and I am on clouds...:) Even though I am a mom now, I am still and always my daddy's little girl.