Monday, March 19, 2012

Wall decor with cardboard boxes and fabric

Recently while cleaning the house, i found a few cardboard boxes which occupied a lot space. We really dont need them anymore. So, I gathered them all and thought of doing something useful with them. I came up with the idea of wall decor with cardboard and fabric. I have some clothes which i no longer prefer to wear. So, i tore them up used in the process.

These pieces are made with shoe box, cereal box, diaper box, camera box etc.


Cardboard boxes
Cellophane tape

Using scissors,Cut the cardboard in a way that it has 2 inch sides on all the 4 sides. Use the tape to seal the edges. It should look just like a canvas. Cut the fabric an inch more than the cardboard. Pull the opposite edges tightly and staple them. Fold them nicely in the corners and staple the other 2 opposite edges. Ta da...ur wall art is ready.

Make a bunch of them in different sizes. Hang them on the wall by using push pins. It gives a colorful look to your room with no cost.

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