Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Meal

My cousin Shilpi and her hubby visited us for the weekend. Luckily Kanth's birthday was on the same weekend, that is yesterday. Shilpi and me prepared lunch and invited a couple of their friends. We made french cake and kanth had a cake cutting at 12 was fun with my cousin around. For lunch we made
Mutton curry
Chana masala
and the most colourful salad.
Shilpi made this salad all by herself and it looked healthy and attractive. And you know, People did'nt want to disturb the good looking salad by taking out the veggie Anyway, Kanth had a great birthday.

I will post the recipes soon.


@r!f said...
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Shilpi said...

Hi siri, Can u please post the recipe for Mutton Curry

andrea chiu said...

The food looks delicious and attractive. You are so generous to share your recipe that is why I feel like trying to make it. I hope it will have a good result. Anyways, Thank you. If you have time please visit my site.

Leslie Lim said...

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