Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ragi Mudda (Ragi Sankati)

This is the most traditional food in rural areas of south India. It is a very healthy food. My Mom used to make ragi(Finger Millet) flour from the scratch. She used to soak ragulu overnight, drain the excess water and wrap them in a cotton cloth for 10 to 12 hrs. By this time you can see sprouts appearing on ragulu. She used to roast them on low flame and make them into fine powder. This flour is used to make different varieties such as ragi mudda, ragi malt, even ragi rotte too.

This is one of my dad's favourite food. He loves to have it with peanut chutney and ghee. Back home in my parents house, we usually have this for breakfast, but here at inlaws they like to have it for lunch in combination with Chama dumpa pulusu or mutton curry. It can be eaten hot with curries or cold with curd. Both of the combinations tastes heavenly. Our lunch for today is ragi mudda with Chema dumpa pulusu.


Rice 3/4 cup
Ragi flour 1 cup
water 5 cups


1. In a thick bottomed vessel cook rice with water by adding salt. Cook until rice is soft. Add ragi flour and let it be like that for 10 minutes without mixing. By doing this you can avoid having lumps in your mudda. Then stir the whole mixture by using the stick of pappu guthi or any wodden stick until there are no lumps.

2. Take a small portion of the mixture into a plate and make in into a round shape by using your hand. As the mudda will be very hot, it is done by dipping our hand in cold water to resist the heat. Make a small hole in the middle of the mudda to put ghee. Serve with your favourite curry


kedar said...

Excellent one .....i am trying it now :) hope fr the best

Anonymous said...

i am preparing now...cant wait to eat..................!!!